Unveiling the Mind’s Architect: Exploring the Frontal Lobe

Unveiling the Mind's Architect: Exploring the Frontal Lobe

Hi to all have a great day. So the frontal loobe the frontal loes are part of the cerebral cortex and are the largest of the brain structures they are the main sight of the so-called higher cognitive functions the frontal loes contain a number of important substructures including the prefrontal cortex frontal eye Fields Motor and premotor cores and brokas area the structures are involved in attention language and decisions

Frontal lobe
Unveiling the Mind’s Architect: Exploring the Frontal Lobe

functions associated with the frontal lobe include executive processes voluntary Behavior such as decision making planning problem solving and thinking voluntary motor control cognition intelligence attention language processing and comprehension and many others case study although.

no longer a common practice approximately 40,000 people in the United States have received prefrontal la to treat a variety of personality and cognitive disorders this highly controversial practice involves destroying or severing the connections to the prefrontal cortex and often results in impaired voluntary Behavior the frontal loes are the brain’s largest structures and consequently have been associated with a large number of disorders these include AFrontal lobe.




schizophrenia and bipolar disorder conditions associated with damage to the frontal lobe include paralysis loss of spontaneity and social interactions mood changes an ability to express language atypical social skills and personality traits

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