What is Neuroscience?

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In this article we discuss about neuroscience, study, Functioning of human brain, brain cell, Brain circuits, Computational Neuroscience, Medical research, Healthy brain. any more things. Let start

What is Neuroscience?

Neuroscience is a branch of science that deals with the function and structure of brain. Word neuro is a combining form of words like nerve or nervous.

Neuroscience in study:

While studying neuroscience students studies the whole nervous system, especially focus on the brain.

Functioning of Human Brain:

There is a saying that a person brain defines how the person is and what does the person do. There are few points below about human brain:

  • Brain stores memory and allow us to learn from our memories.
  • Human have 86 billion neurons in their brain.
  • Brain cells help human to create all kind of ideas and thoughts.
What does a Neuroscientist do?

Neuroscientist research about everything that is connected to our nervous system. They also research how 86 billion neurons in human brains are connected with each other and also every part that is connected with our nervous system and sometimes rest of the body.

Research areas of Neuroscience:

Genes – How genes are affected from our environment.

Brain cells – how brain cells formed at specific time? How brain cells process the information they get?

Brain circuits – what does glial cells and neurons do and how they change their function.

Computational Neuroscience – how researcher understands behavior of every neurons and networks in the brain using mathematics.

Medical research – how humans get affected by disorders and diseases? And what can neuroscientist do to help speeding the recovery to their health by improving their treatment?

Healthy brain – learn about healthy brain as much as we can so that from this research we help people to become healthy.


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